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Wild Stories Of Sexism, Broadway Dancers & Corporate Greed Emerge In This New Amazon Bestselling Book!

The CEO of one of America’s fastest growing companies agrees to give away 10,000 copies of her new bestselling book, just to prove that these 15 incremental steps will help you sprint up the money ladder!


Trust Your Increments challenges each of us to think about our personal mission and focus on what matters most, rather than living an aimless life. It’s a creative blueprint for anyone looking to maximize their potential and achieve ambitious career goals by taking small, yet consistent steps in the right direction."

Ron Douglas

New York Times Bestselling author

“One Of The Most Controversial Business Books Ever Written For The General Public. It Skips The Useless Theory & Gets Straight To Results…”


From the desk of Laura Casselman

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you want to know the simple steps you can take to sprint up the money ladder… get a raise, a big promotion or start your own multi-million dollar business.

Then this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Listen… President Trump has said a lot of controversial things, and while this is not a political letter and I’m definitely not here to debate for or against anything or anyone.

He did hit the nail when he said the American system is rigged… and he knew because he admitted to playing that system his whole life!

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut…

Like the world just ain’t fair…

That the idiots and sociopaths reap all the rewards…

While you can never catch a break…

Then you’re right… and you are definitely not alone!

Corporate America is still very much an “Old Boy’s Club” and it’s riddled with blatant sexism.

We live in a world where women still only earn 80% of what men do.

A world where the best people aren’t the ones promoted to leaders.

And a world where 40 years of the 9-5 grind will at best be rewarded with a nice speech and a cheap watch at your farewell party.

Just because the system is broken, doesn’t mean you can’t get what you deserve though

You just have to…

Play Their Game Until You Can Change The Rules!

A hard lesson I learned while working my way up the corporate ladder in New York City.

Now as the CEO of a major tech company… I can and do change the rules for the better.

It’s my mission to be a leader in workplace gender equality and to create positive change by helping more good people like you rise to the top

The most effective way I know is to show you how these 15 small incremental steps can help overcome the Old Boy’s Club…

… and how they lead to massive success if you are consistent with implementing them

These steps are 20+ years of my experience, the good, the bad and the really ugly, condensed into little steps you can take action on today.

I know they work, because they are the only reason I am where I am today…

From One Stoplight To Broadway… And Back!

I grew up in a sleepy “one stoplight” Southern town.

From 3 years old I knew I wanted to dance in the Christmas Spectacular with the famed Radio City Music Hall Rockettes.

Plenty of people told me it would never happen…

Fortunately I was as stubborn back then as I am today…

When it comes to chasing your dream, you shouldn’t take no for an answer!

I made it to Broadway!

While dancing I also started working in New York and quickly found that a mean high kick was far from my only talent.

I climbed the corporate ladder and made it into the board rooms.

Now I’m the CEO of one of America’s fastest growing tech companies, a business that has generated millions of dollars in sales for small businesses all over the world

And recently I made it back to NYC… to see my bestselling book revealed on Times Square.

Some of my old bosses probably walked by that billboard and I sincerely hope it made their day just a little bit worse.

This Ain’t A Disney Story Though!

Perhaps it should even have an R-rating.

I mean.. I’ve once had my boss ask for a BJ in exchange for my paycheck

I’ve experienced sexism so bad my dad felt the need to drive cross country, as the knight in shining armor, to save his daughter

I’ve battled the ice dragons that emerge when women get into a position of power and feel like they need to guard it, by preventing other women from getting ahead.

I’ve heard plenty of gossip that more than implies that if a woman makes it to the top, she probably slept her way there.

I would love to tell you that these are all things of the past… that in today’s world you won’t have to face any of that.

But that would be a big fat lie… after all #metoo didn’t materialize out of thin air!

And just recently, just before a TV interview about my book, a female anchor told me it would be more interesting if I made cupcakes instead of running a tech company.

Nothing wrong with cupcakes, they are delicious…

But if that’s how women treat each other in 2023…

Things clearly still need to change and…

This Change Starts With You

As I said, my goal is to get more good people to the top.

I want you to be a positive force for change.

That’s exactly why I wrote this book.

It’s my experience, unfiltered and uncensored.

But more importantly it’s the hard lessons condensed into 15 incremental steps you can easily start implementing today.

“If you want something, the first step is to ask for it!”

Trust Your Increments aims to show you how to get what you want and how to get paid what you are worth (and that’s a lot more than you think!)

Inside you’ll discover how to

  • Get a raise
  • Get promoted
  • Ace any interview
  • Land your dream job
  • Make your own business a success

It’s about replacing hope and frustration… with action and progress!

This is not your traditional self-help book that you immediately forget about, because implementing what was taught requires you to be a flawless Wonder Woman in perfect control over your life.

It’s a book you can take out to read the relevant chapters as you need them, before a job interview, a wage negotiation or when you need to motivate yourself.

In case you’re wondering…

Who is this book for?

This is my story. From a 3 year old girl with a burning dream to dance on Broadway, to the boardrooms of New York, to becoming CEO of a major tech company. It’s the good, the bad and… the outrageously sexist!

More than that… It’s the lessons I’ve learned along the way. The small steps that can make your own journey much easier. It’s the hope that they will empower and inspire you to help change things for the better. That’s why I can safely say that…

●●●If you want to get a raise and get paid what you’re worth, this book is for you.

●●●If you want to take back control of your life and climb the money ladder without losing your soul, this book is for you.

●●●If you want a promotion and are tired of seeing the worst sociopaths picked ahead of decent people, this book is for you.

●●●If you’re a father who wants to see your daughters succeed in a less than perfect world, this book is for you.

●●●If you want small actionable steps you can take today to achieve your goals, this book is for you.

●●●If you want to start your own successful business and be your own boss, this book is for you.

●●●If you want the confidence to ask for what you want and the guts to say no when it matters most, this book is for you.

●●●If you’re a man who wants to see just how bad women are treated even in today’s workspace, this book is for you.

●●●If you’re a part of the “old boy’s club” your time is coming to an end, and yes, this book is also for you.

●●●If you want to change the world, then we need more good people like you in positions of leadership, and this book is definitely for you!

To put it simply, this book is for anyone who is ready to take a small step forward and reach out for what they deserve.

Ask yourself this: do you really think your current grind will help you achieve your goals?

Sure in the perfect world it would, but this world ain’t perfect. We need more good people at the top and these steps can help you get there.

And here’s the weird thing…

“I Hope This Book Becomes Worthless!”

I want to give you the shortcuts that help you sprint up the success ladder… without losing your soul.

If we can get enough good people up the corporate ladder and into the boardrooms, we can create lasting changes for the better…

And nothing would make me happier than one day declaring this book obsolete.

That will take more than you and I though, so that’s why…

I’m Giving Away 10,000 Free Copies Of My Book Today!

I didn’t write this book to make money… I wrote it because some hard truths had to be told.

So here’s the deal…

If you promise me you’ll read it and put it to good use, I’ll happily send you a free copy.

All you need to pay is the small shipping fee - sounds fair right?

Fair warning though… These free books are flying off the shelves faster than you can say “gender wage gap” - so you do need to be quick!

So I’m going to make your choice here today so easy a lobotomized fruit fly would make it instantly.

That’s why I’m going to include the same bonuses people who paid full price for the book got.

So when you order your free copy today, you’ll also…

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Trust Your Increments is much more than just a book. With your free copy you’ll also get instant access to our private members area full of extra content and awesome shortcuts.

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Omar & Melinda Martin went from homeless to millionaires. This is how they started and built their own business, what working with your spouse or partner really looks like, and how to outsource reliable help.

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This book is easy to read and wastes no time in going straight for the jugular.

No filler or fluff.

Well except for the shocking stories of experience I hope no other woman will ever have to face.

But the rest… that’s just hard-hitting actionable steps you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically change the odds in your favor.

If you want to climb up in this world you don’t need theory… you need a ladder!

And this book is a ladder straight to the top… with just 15 easy steps.


Get A Raise

Ask, negotiate, and get paid what you’re worth

Land The Big Promotion

Climb the ladder without compromising on values.

Find The Perfect Job

Stand out from the crowd and get the nod

Make Your Own Luck

Simple tricks to launching and scaling a business into a massive success.


Okay, as I mentioned before, this book is free.

I’ll pay for the book, and all I ask is that you help me cover the small shipping and handling cost…

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Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I’ll pay for the book and all I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and I’ll send it anywhere in the world!

Thank you for taking the time to read this page, I truly appreciate it.

And I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book and to see you sprint up the money ladder.

See you inside

P.S. If you’re reading this as the first thing, then you are exactly like me… you like to skip straight to the action.

So here’s the skinny…

I’m mailing you a physical copy of my bestselling book that will show you how 15 small incremental steps can lead to massive success… raises, promotions and more.

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The primary characteristic of high income earners and successful people is that they have the ability to make quick decisions and act on an opportunity as soon as it presents itself.

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